PlayStation Set Build

Last December I was commissioned to create a room-set in the style of the beautifully made ‘Tearaway Unfolded‘ game by PlayStation. The game is set in a papery world and so naturally I got over excited, and didn’t see my family for a week, as I became a one woman paper prop factory.  A few hundred meters of rolled paper, some curly clouds, 6 paper crates, about 90 meters of paper bunting, a rainbow, some pumpkins and a red head on a paper airplane later, the transformation was complete!

Here are a few behind the scenes pics and the final result.

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3 Responses to PlayStation Set Build

  1. CreativeRhino says:

    Wow!.. That’s all I think I can say. But no, this is absolutely amazing! I love Tearaway and this blows my mind. Brilliant effort. How did the commission come about?

    • Jaina Minton says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I’ve never played the game but did fall in love with the visuals during the making/research for this.
      I was commissioned by the agency that organised the event for PlayStation. It was a media/press event for game reviewers. 🙂

      • CreativeRhino says:

        It’s no problem even if you aren’t a big gamer I’d still check it out. The game is more so for the creative, imaginative type of person. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it!

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