An Evening Of Screen Printing

Last night I popped* up to London town to attend a little screen printing workshop at Drink Shop Do, hosted by the ever lovely Zeena Shah.

*when I say popped, what I actually mean is bribed my 2.5 yr old to let me go with a packet of Frozen stickers, weaned my 5 month old onto evening bottles a week ahead, found some clothes that were not covered in sick and ran for the train with a breast pump in my bag. Hey ho.

Anyway, what an inspiring and fabulous evening it was…


Drink Shop Do is a quirky cafe venue near Kings Cross and the ceilings were adorned with flying fish. Nice!



We were given a sheet of newsprint and pair of scissors to create our designs and stencils. My friend Alex decided immediately that she wanted a pear print and so ensued many a joke around a ‘nice pear’…oh the laughs.

giraffe sketch - jainaminton

I’ve got a bit of a thing for giraffes at the moment so this was my final sketch for my stencil.


Quite tricky to cut out with scissors as opposed to a craft knife…


Decided at the final stage to make this for my daughter, so added her name. I did cheat and use a craft knife for this bit…


My other screen printing buddy made a lovely set of mountain peaks…


Zeena helped us print our bags… this was the best bit.


Pear success for Alex!


Mountain joy!


Ta Dah! So pleased with my bag, even though the giraffe on the left looks like he’s got a Slinky for a neck. It’s the taking part that counts!


A well earned glass of wine while we chat about how screen printing is our new favourite craft and how we’d like our own studio. Sigh.


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